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Dealing well with your emotions

Stress, depression and other concerns are already part of everybody's life. One cannot simply do away with it. The only difference is how each people react to these catalysts and cope with it.

Others can deal with it successfully. However, there are some unfortunate ones who cannot fight the stresses and depression well that they end up wasting their live by hooking up with different vices such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling and many more. Much worse, some may end up losing their sanity in fighting with these dilemmas.

If these situations hinder you from living a normal life, it would be best for you to take appropriate actions immediately before these problems take over your entire life.

Have you heard of counselling and psychotherapy? These are just some of the few best solutions to help you deal with your emotions. It is effective in a manner that it can renew your whole self after having a series of sessions with a counsellor or psychotherapist.

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What is Counselling and Psychotherapy then?

Counselling and psychotherapy similarly refer to the process of meeting and dealing with a trained therapist to help you manage and address some personal issues.

Both the counsellor and the psychotherapist have been into training in counselling theory and kills. The only difference is that the former conducts short and medium term work while the latter's work involves medium to long term.

These persons are not directly involved in the situation you are in. However, these professionals can help you very well in putting your thoughts and feelings into words to help you assess the situation and personally experience fixing it.

During the course of the session, you would be able to talk confidently with the counsellor or psychotherapist in a way that is quite impossible with your family and friends.

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Finding the right counsellor

In finding the right counsellor, it is important that you look for someone whom you are comfortable with. Dealing with someone whom you are not at ease may just be a waste of time.

You must also consider someone who assures confidentiality and privacy. This is also important because as a person in treatment, you think it would be best if no one knows anything about the issues you are going through.

Thus, you have to be very meticulous in finding a professional counsellor who could deal with you and your issues in a manner that is acceptable and ideal on your situation.

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Reliable Counselling: Practicing with heart

Reliable Counselling has been practicing the profession of counselling and psychotherapy for years with a reputation of providing the best service with full dedication.

We are a team of experts specialising in short and long term counselling for an extensive range of issues including, but not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Abuse
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Bereavement
  • Depression
  • Relationship problems
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Phobia
  • Self esteem

Thus, to address these certain issues, we offer the following therapy services:

  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychologist Services
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Telephone Counselling
  • Online counselling
  • Career coaching
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Couseling ImageAre you having some issues in your life that makes it difficult for you to cope with many things well? If you have a lot of concerns and you cannot easily talk about it with whom you know, counselling might be able to help you at this juncture.

Our effective counselling approach

We are well-rounded counsellors who deal with every situation in a holistic manner. We do not address things in a procedural manner as found in books and studies. Oftentimes, we blend therapies in order to achieve best results for our clients.

A certain therapy might be effective to a few but not for others. Thus, it is really important to weigh things in order to be very effective in your craft. In our case, we do not see things as absolute. They do change and with that, we will deal with it accordingly.

With us, you would be able to assess yourself clearly as we device an approach for you to put into words all your thoughts and emotions. By being able to concretize everything through words, the treatment would come in handy as the session will proceed.

We want you to express everything that is suppressed and hidden within you so as to help you ease your pain and hardships. All of these must be brought out to be managed carefully with a sense of sensitivity.

The duration of the treatment may vary from case to case basis. Serious issues must be dealt with carefully and processed a longer period than lighter issues.

At Reliable Counselling, we do not distinguish serious issues from the lighter ones. Our professionals simply aim to address each issue appropriately by treating such as individually and different from others. We do these things not because we are tasked to do it. Instead, we do these because it is our passion to help people who are in need.

Our Standards at Reliable Counselling

Counseling Image

Our professionals have undergone series of trainings and have acquired certifications from authorities making them proficient and effective in their practice.

In all dealings, we make sure that issues are being addressed professionally by applying appropriate techniques to facilitate a smooth counselling session. With a vast knowledge in this field, our counsellors have the capability to determine how to address each situation separately.

What we aim at Reliable Counselling

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It is our joy to see our clients walk out of our office with a smile and in a relaxed mood. We always want them to feel that life is still worth living and that there are still a lot of opportunities waiting for them outside. We do not want them to give up easily on things. Instead, we let them realize the beauty of life and all that is enclosed in it.

We always give our full dedication and heart in this profession. That is why we consider our success in every client’s determination to live fully.